A Big Snook Story

On an early afternoon in mid-June, my wife and I had dropped our son at swim lessons in Jensen Beach. I realized how close we were to the causeway and of course, I made her stop so I could fish.

Fish of a Lifetime

Conditions were perfect. In the middle of an outgoing tide, the water was a little milky and churned up. A small school of glass minnows showered the surface, and pelicans dove on finger mullet schooling through the span of the bridge. Prior to leaving the house, I had just tied up a 1-ounce white-and-blue flair hawk jig and was really anticipating putting it to use.

If you’ve ever caught a snook on a flair hawk, you know the feeling when they thump the jig. That happened on my third cast, and as I set the hook the fish did not hesitate to run straight under the catwalk with about 20 yards of line. About to lose her on a piling, I cupped the spool hard and managed to turn her head. I got a few cranks on her and began a battle like I’ve never experienced. The pure power is absolutely amazing.

Fish of a Lifetime Brought In

After what seemed an eternity, I brought the fish to the top. I handed the rod to my wife so I could hop the railing to balance on a piling cap no wider than 8 inches. Careful not to fall in or injure the fish, I brought it over the railing for a few photos before release.

It was the fish of a lifetime.

By Danny Goode, Elusive Bait Co.

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