Fishin’ with Brycin

By: Brycin

Snook Fishing, we all love them! The snook are starting to come in full force this summer. Snook are some of the smartest fish in our area. But be warned they can spook easily. That distinctive black line is their lateral line. It helps them to detect vibrations in the water.

May through June are my favorite times to fish for snook. During this time of year, it is my opinion, they are the most active. The water temp rises and the snook are more active andfort m feeding, unlike their dormant behavior during the colder months. Snook are more active and feeding when the water temp is between 70 and 85 degrees.

When snook fishing, you must remember, snook aren’t going to be 10 feet away from the channel. These fish are going to be around bait schools, under mangroves and structures. When fishing for the bigger female snook you want to fish the inside of inlets, passes, and bridge pylons.

The set up. My go to soft plastics are 3-inch NLBN colors like Hell yeah butter, Green back, And Twisted tea. My other go to soft plastic is going to be a 3-inch savage shrimp, new penny color. Hard bait, a YO ZURI fingerling

The bait that works the best is going to be the main bait resource in your area. In my area the best bait are 4 to 6 inch pilchards, 6 inch threadfin, and a 6 to 7 inch mullet. For small snook I throw about a 3 to 4-inch pilcher and threadfin and a 3-inch mullet.

Captain of the Month. Every month I will highlight a local captain detailing their expertise and what they offer to fishermen looking for a great day on the water. It is only fitting that my first captain is Captain Mike. Mike took me under his wing this last year teaching me how to really fish our local waters.

Captain Mike is a local legend. He has been fishing these waters for 40 years. A back bay specialist, Captain Mike has a lot to offer. Have you ever been Blue Crabbing? Mike will take you out to go get some delicious blue crabs and

Captain Mike specializes in Back Bay fishing. Snook, redfish, spotted sea trout, sheephead in the winter. Captain Mike is very affordable and is willing to take up to 6 people on his boat and he runs out of Salty Sam’s Marina.

Call to book a trip. “Lets do some fishing”. Captain Mike: (239) 218-0952

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