Fishin with Brycin

by Brycin,

Hi, I am Brycin, I am a youth angler here in Southwest Florida.   I really got into fishing was when I lived in New Mexico. As a baby, before I was able to walk, my dad would be fishing in the rivers and the ponds, with me on his back.  By the time I was 3 years old my parents put put a fishing rod in my hand and that is where my love for fishing began. I started by catching rainbow trout in the Pecos Wilderness.  At the age of 4, my dad gave me hip waders. That’s when everything clicked.  I was able to understand how to read the waters and where the fish would be sitting.

I moved to Florida when I just turned 8.   When we moved here to Fort Myers, we were excited about fishing. However, we went through some tough times learning to fish here.  We weren’t catching much, catfish or small mangrove mnappers here and there.  We were using all the wrong tackle and bait. One night we went to dinner at Dixie Fish Company, right next to Bonita Bills.  We saw the locals fishing there so the next day we went back.  They looked at us and said we were doing it all wrong. They taught me how to catch the fish here in Fort Myers, FL.

One thing I have learned over the years is what makes the fish active. Many people ask, what do the tides do?  What does the moon have to do with it all?  The moon controls the tides, and the tides get the fish active. By learning this early, I can pick the right time and area to fish. Different places I fish do better on an incoming tide and others are better on an outgoing one. Tides have a lot of control on where to fish and how to fish those areas.

Currently I have been working with a family friend as a mate on his charter boat. Every day is a new experience.  I am super excited about the years to come. As I get older i would like to run my own boat. Taking people out and showing them how special Fort Myers and Southwest Florida really are, would be a dream come true. We really do live in a special place with a lot of outdoor activities to offer. I’m lucky to call this my home.

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