Fishing Forecast

Grace Gillis

The Sailfishing continues to improve as the water’s temperature has dropped into the 60’s. The most productive days have been when the wind is coming out of the north or northeast and there is good north current.  Some days have been great for mackerel fishing as well in the 60-150′ range with big Spanish & king mackerel and Bonito chewing up the bait. We’re catching them on live-bait and while trolling. A few Mahi are still jumping on the lines, with some weighing upwards of 40 lbs. Although we are not targeting Mahi exclusively, we still manage to catch a few when searching out the sailfish.

While bottom fishing we have been able to bring up some cobia to the boat. To catch these powerful fish you are going to want to use heavy tackle. This is because cobia can make strong runs and love going into or under structures that can break your line. I recommend using 40 to 60 lb. line. You should begin with around 50 lb. line and if no bites maybe go down to 40 lb. line. If you are getting big bites that are breaking your line then I suggest trying a 60 lb. line.

Grace Gillis

President, Lamar Loius Curry

Middle School Fishing Club