Fishing Forecast for GSMNP

By Chad Fouts

National Park–

The fishing in the National Park right now is slower in the morning due to the drop in temperatures at night. You will not be disappointed in the water levels! We are catching most of our fish between 10am and 5pm. We are throwing dry dropper rigs in the higher elevations and double nymph rigs. With that being said, Higher elevation rivers, such as Road Prong and Upper Little River, are fishing really well past 10am. If you want to hit the lower elevation rivers, it still would be best to hit them in the morning, despite the cold. We’re using Orange dry flies with natural nymphs underneath and, of course, a squirmy in the mix wont hurt. Remember to keep as much fly line and leader off of the water!

South Holston–

There have been high flows on and off due to the rain we have been receiving. But in between the flows has been some red-hot fishing! The water temp at mid-day is averaging about 47 degrees F so make sure to bring your waders! Best time of day to fish the river is about the same time we are fishing the park right now 10am – 4pm. BWO’s and Black Flies are catching most of the fish right now. When you are floating the river throw MEAT, MEAT, MEAT on a full sink line.

Clinch River–

About the same on the Clinch River as the South Holston, flows are high due to weather and small windows of really good fishing! Midges, Sulphurs, and Beetles. Try to throw a 12 foot leader, it will work wonders. When you are floating, try and throw a double streamer rig. Hint: olive and white with a depth charge full sink line.

Gatlinburg Stocked Waters–

The City of Gatlinburg is still stocking every Thursday and water temperatures have lowered, which has made the fishing amazing. There are several very large fish hiding in those waters. Any big, flashy fly will catch these freshly stocked fish while more natural stonefly imitations and worm flies work well for fish that have been in the river for a while.

Chad Fouts is the Fly Shop Manager at The Smoky Mountain Angler in Gatlinburg, TN. He is a self-described fly fishing junky. If you have any questions about fishing in this area give us a call 865-436-8746.