Fishing Forecast: Jupiter Inlet Inshore

by Craig KorczynskiContributing Writer

March signifies spring, meaning spectacular fishing prevails in our local area. March is typically very windy but offers plenty drag screaming action. Spring rains trigger a great bite during low light hours and many spillways open due to the rains, alarming snook and tarpon to feed. May the luck of the Irish be with you.

Jupiter offers a wide variety of species to target such as snook, tarpon, trout, jacks and redfish. Whether live baiting, fly fishing or using artificial lures, anglers should focus their attention on seawalls, docks, grass flats and mangrove shorelines. The key to successful fishing is locating moving water and most importantly bait fish.

Terry with trout | Photo courtesy of Capt. Craig Korczynski

Snook season is back in action for all linesider fanatics. The snook action will be fantastic as they begin to trickle from back bays to gather on sand flats, under docks, next to sea walls and near inlets. Look for any signs of bait fish and current and you will locate snook. Night fishing is another great option for anglers in search of snook. Docks and bridges are excellent areas to pinpoint snook. Jigging a DOA C.A.L. or DOA Terror Eyez for the snook are great bait choices, but many anglers enjoy using live shrimp under the lights. Fly anglers, this is your time to shine. Fly casters can enjoy epic snook action, with catches reaching over 60 fish a night. I like to use the 2-inch DOA shrimp for steady rod bending action or small white flies mimicking small bait fish.

The tarpon will occupy deep channels and inlets, and at times can be seen rolling on the surface allowing anglers to locate fish easily. Try to read where the tarpon are heading and study their actions. This will allow you to choose your best method to present your bait and position your boat. DOA Bait buster and live mullet or greenies will leave you bowing to the silver king. These fish are great for their acrobatic leaps and drag screaming runs. The size of the tarpon ranges from 5 to 70 pounds.

The docks, and seawalls in the Lake Worth Lagoon are teeming with life, as jacks, snook, snapper, grouper, flounder and trout patrol for their next meal. DOA C.A.L. and DOA shrimp in holographic and glow gold rush belly are excellent baits for working the docks, along with live bait worked on the bottom. Top water Heddon spooks chugged early morning and late afternoon along seawalls provides heart pumping action. There is nothing better than watching a jack or snook become airborne with your lure in its mouth.

Well that is the fishing report for the Lake Worth Lagoon and Jupiter area; hope you all enjoyed. Just remember you can’t catch them from the couch so get out there and get hooked up. Tight Lines! Capt. Craig Korczynski, 561-644-4371

Capt. Craig Korczynski


“Hook A Snook Tame A Tarpon”