Time For A Fishing Gear Check


It’s September and still hot! It’s a great time to check all that cold weather fishing gear. You know, the stuff that leaked at the end of last season that you’ve been meaning to fix. It’s really easy in our bustling lives to put off checking things until the last minute before the trip. In the summer, you have a little more flexibility with that. When it comes to fishing in the cooler months, it really pays to check that fishing gear several months in advance.

Colder weather is on the way. Like me you’ve probably felt that first touch of fall coolness in the mornings. It’s time to pull out that winter gear and check for leaks, rips and tears. It’s much easier to repair or replace foul weather and safety gear now while there is plenty of time. You certainly don’t want to put yourself in the position of having a trip the next day and not being prepared or even going and taking the chance that your fishing gear will be ready to perform.

Several years ago, I got tired of repairing and patching wading and foul weather gear and upgraded to Simms Fishing line of apparel. Simms has a lifetime warranty, but even more than that, I can count on my fishing gear to be ready to go even after my early season checks. Items to check will range from waders, wool socks, jackets and even bibs or parkas for fishermen and waterfowl hunters. Check them all… it’s time.


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