Fishing as HOT as the Weather

By Adam Jaynes

There are a couple certainties living on the Gulf coast during the summer: it is going to be HOT and humid and the fish are going to bite! There are quite a few things I enjoy about fishing during the summer minus the scorching heat. Primarily getting to fish the jetties, beach front and short rigs. Summer is basically the only time of the year in which I venture to fish the jetties, beach front or short rigs.

Tactics vary slightly to approach fishing down south versus the north end of Sabine Lake. I still throw a lot of Tsunami swim shads and topwaters like Egret’s new Zombie Walker however I will also mix in a few baits that allow me to fish much deeper water. Johnson Splinter spoons in 1/4oz and 1/2 oz are a great way to get down deeper quicker at the short rigs and catch a mess of speckled trout without having to resort to live bait. I prefer the silver spoon for trout and the gold spoon for redfish. The shape of the Splinter spoon helps getting down quicker in strong currents. Definitely use a swivel to help prevent your line from twisting when fishing a spoon. I will also use Egret 3.5” Wedgetails along the jetties, beach front and short rigs.

The colors Opening Night and Pink Flash are very hard to beat. If the water is sandy or dirty I will switch to a darker color like Black Chartreuse. Fishing the jetties and the beach I will typically use either 1/8oz or 1/4oz jigheads for the Wedgetails. When we move to the short rigs it may be necessary to use a heavier jighead such as 3/8oz depending on the depth of water the fish are in and the strength of the current.

I particularly enjoy running the beach and short rigs due to the variety of game fish that we have the opportunity of catching. It is not uncommon to get onto Spanish mackerel, triple tail and ling. With that in mind it is a good idea to use quality equipment to help prevent having your heart broken over losing a quality fish. I opt for using FINS braided line, usually 30lb test with a 30lb monofilament leader. I rod with a little more backbone is recommended as well. Sarge Custom’s Ma Deuce is a heck of a good choice paired with a Lew’s LITE Speed Spool and you’re in business! As always, make sure and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and put on plenty of sunblock.

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