Fishing in Rainy Season

by: Capt. Dave Stephens

It appears our rainy season has made it to Southwest Florida, so get used to the normal afternoon thunderstorms. Normally this changes our harbor in a major way. Our clear water that we got used to fishing during the spring months begins to darken. However, this is not pollution and is simply rain runoff that contains tannic acids. These acids are like tea leaves that stain the water brown. Mangrove snapper have great eyesight and can be hard to catch at times, but with the daily rains it can make it a little easier. Also, you might want to drop down your tackle size. Try using a 20lb fluorocarbon leader and a small #1 circle hook. Most small baits will get the job done, shrimp, small pilchards and even cut baits. Most of our snook population has spawned and the beaches will still be holding large numbers of fish for the next couple months. The flats and mangroves are also still holding good numbers of fish.

Tarpon should start pushing into the harbor after leaving the pass. When the water is calm rolling tarpon can be spotted from a great distance. Remember to keep an eye in the sky. This time of year thunderstorms form very quickly and can create dangerous conditions.

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