Fishing In The National Park

By Josh Stinnett

The fishing in the National Park right now is better than we could’ve hoped for this time of year. With that being said, lower elevation rivers such as Little River or the lower West Prong are fishing really well through the morning and then becoming tougher and tougher as the day gets warmer. Higher elevation streams will fish well all day long. We’re catching lots of these fish on green inchworm imitations, ants, beetles, and other terrestrials. We’re still catching a lot of fish on our standard nymphs such as Pheasant Tails and Tellicos. Try throwing a large olive stimulator right before an evening rainstorm for some really good dry fly acton!


Our smallmouth are still hanging out in their deepwater haunts on the French Broad River and the Pigeon River. These fish will eat just about any large white streamer and the topwater bite has been productive at times as well. If you’re trying to scratch that warmwater itch but don’t have a boat, try sight fishing for carp or gar somewhere in Sevierville on the Little Pigeon River. The smallmouth fishing has also really turned on at the Holston River at Nances’ Ferry.

Tailwater Fishing–

The sulfurs on our local tailwaters are going crazy right now! A dry dropper with a sulfur dry and a split case nymph below it is working really well. If you’re into terrestrials and big explosive takes, try throwing a foam beetle under overhanging tree branches and close to the banks.

Gatlinburg Stocked Waters–

The City of Gatlinburg is still stocking every Thursday and water temperatures have remained tolerable for the fish throughout the whole stretch. Any bigger, flashier fly will catch these freshly stocked fish while more natural stonefly imitations and worm flies work well for fish that have been in the river for a while.

Feel free to give us a ring at the shop with any questions about the fishing. 865-436-8746.

Josh Stinnett is a Medical Student at UT Knoxville. He is on the water enough to practically have a minor in fly fishing! Josh is an avid fly tier as well and a Signature Tier for Catch Fly Fishing.