Fishing Kayak Transport Made Simple

Launching your fishing kayak close to where the fishing is best is one of the unique joys of the sport. But it’s not always the easiest thing to do, but if you own a pickup truck you would think your problem would be solved. That’s not necessarily the case. Longer kayaks require longer beds or you leave your boat precariously perched with the bow into the air as you fly down the highway.

But fear not! There are reliable, safe and simple solutions in the marketplace. A simple bed extender many contractors use to carry items such as lumber, ladders, and plywood make for an affordable solution. You can find these bed extenders online through sites such as Harbor Freight for very little money.

The only problem with those lower-end, entry level bed extenders is the square end tailing the back of your truck. It could make for difficult maneuvering in tight situations where clearance is important.

Enter the Boonedox T-Bone Bed Extender. It instantly adds 4′ to your truck bed and fits all standard 2″ receiver. Its key feature is a radial curve allowing for maximum ground clearance. Another helpful feature is it’s unique ability for height adjustment for any truck. The T-Bone Bed Extender is tested safely to 300 lbs. And if being made in the USA is important to you, rest easy. It’s made in North Carolina…and according to their website, always will be.

The T-Bone Bed Extender retails for $205 and you can find purchase it from a local dealer or find it through Amazon at