Fishing Shirts By: Capt. Gary Burch

Inshore flats fishing and the extreme Florida sunshine can spell some unforgiving conditions for fisherman.

Excessive sun exposure can cause severe sunburns and damage your skin. Wearing the proper clothing is mandatory when exposed to these conditions as the ultraviolet (UV) rays are the most damaging to skin.

When planning your outfit, remember that dark colors are hot when worn in the sun; dark colors absorb the radiant light energy and convert it into heat. White on the other hand is significantly cooler in the sun; it possesses mostly reflective properties and offers little UV protection.

If you’re fishing in the hot Florida sun, check your shirt labels and make sure they are ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50 or greater, this designations means that the material will block out 98 percent of UVA and UVB wave lengths from reaching your skin.

I like “I HUNT FISH” apparel fishing shirts. They were created to meet the needs of flats fishermen and provide both comfort and protection. They are soft, cool and comfortable; they’re made from 100 percent cotton, are UPF 50+ and are available in light neutral colors.

I think that they are a must have fishing shirt. I own several and like them. If you are currently planning a fishing trip, consider your apparel from head to toe.