Fishing the Biloxi/Ocean Springs Bridge

Fishing under the Biloxi Ocean Springs Bridge

The Highway 90 Biloxi Bay Bridge offers a unique and challenging fishing experience. What makes it unique? Well there’s certainly plenty of structure around the bridge. You can also find depths ranging from 2 – 20 feet of water. There’s plenty of sunken concrete around this bridge. Before you anchor be sure to check your sonar for any debris on the bottom. Don’t be afraid to fish around the sunken concrete. That’s where the big fish hang out. Be prepared to lose some tackle. These big fish will more than likely break your line in the concrete. That is certainly the challenging part of the Bay Bridge.

Let’s talk about what hangs out around the bridge. The types of fish you can catch depends on the time of year. During the winter time it’s mostly large Black Drum and Sheepshead. From time to time you can catch some Redfish and Speckled Trout along with some Flounder. In the spring, summer and fall you can land just about any species at the bridge. Species include Redfish, White Trout, Ground Mullet, Flounder and I’ve even caught Spanish Mackerel there.

Here’s the best way I have found to fish the bridge. I anchor close to the pads under the bridge. I see some people fishing from the pads on the bridge, I do not recommend this as it’s dangerous and could be considered trespassing by the DOT. Make sure you maintain a safe distance, but close enough to put a line near the pilings.

The best bait for fishing the Biloxi Bay Bridge depends on what you’re fishing for. Of course, in the summertime cut bait live or dead shrimp works great for Redfish, White Trout, Ground Mullet and Flounder. In the winter time the top choice for me is live shrimp. If the water is between 50 and 55 degrees, you may want to break your shrimp in half. The Sheepshead and Black Drum love them that way.

Remember make sure you know the rules and regulations on bag limits and fish size. Stay safe and make it a family affair.

Capt. Bryan K. Cuevas
Cell. 228.861.4627