Fishing with Corks

fishing with corksFor many years all we had was manufactured corks to fish with. Some of which have been put to the test on many occasions and passed while others failed. In my experience I have had a 50/50 fail to hold up ratio. Years ago I switched to just purchasing the corks and making my own leaders according to the depth and area I am fishing. I have tried several different types of corks and the one that I have had the best result has been the STX Tackle-Ultimate Cork. I contact Mr. Strader and placed a small order to try his line of corks out. Once I received them I packed them in my storage to give them a try. When I went out I tied it one with a four foot leader and a live shrimp, gave it a pop on the first cast and bam fish on. I then thought to myself ok let’s try this again and to my amazement I was getting reaction hits all day long.

The reason I use the custom corks is that you can adjust the length of the leader. For instance if you are fishing in the shallow marsh you don’t need a long leader. If you are fishing in deep water you can add to the length until you find the strike zone. The ability of making your own versus purchasing a manufactured cork is that you can adjust and know the strength capacity of the rig. When fishing with custom corks you will change the length a few times until you find the fish or if you leader needs to be rigged due to wear and tear it will take a few minutes versus a manufactured cork rig.

fishing with corksJust remember that when fishing with a cork you are looking for a reaction strike, learn your cork and give it a pop or a pop – pop until you get the hit. Don’t just toss it out there and let it sit work the cork and you’ll land more fish. Don’t always use live shrimp try tying on a lure under the cork as a lot of professional anglers do. The only advantage to a manufacture cork is that you can always tie another one on quick and get back out there.

Whichever you choose or use they overall have their advantages. For more information on STX Tackle-Ultimate Cork visit their web site at I use them with a shock leader that I cut pending on depth. I love the action and sensitivity allowing me to set the hook at the right time. My father is an old timer that still uses the manufacture corks. If your in the Galveston area and looking to book a trip give me a call at 832-887-8453 or visit my FB page @ Acosta’s Guide Service. Whichever direction you choose to go stay safe.

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