New brand, FishLab, promises to bring decades of industry experience and knowledge to the design and development of the next generation of lures

ONTARIO, Calif.: The launch of FishLab marks the next evolution of lures based on scientific examination and testing. The tagline, “Science of the Strike”, reflects the research and development process of all FishLab products. Rather than continuing to flood the market with ‘me too’ baits based on an individual’s gut instinct or rely solely on the passing fad of social media popularity; FishLab creations are backed by scientifically accurate swim actions, the highest degree of build quality and a wide selection of colors. All these elements combined, give angler’s the best chance at catching their target species.

Designed and created to be as lifelike as possible, FishLab is introducing an incredible selection of baits for 2020.

“We created FishLab Tackle with both the serious hardcore angler, as well as the big bait throwing, weekend warrior in mind,” states Mike Bennett, Product Development Manager. “Our initial product introduction will cover a variety of water types and species from the outset.”

The initial introduction of FishLab products are focused on key families of baits.  From the mega sized Rattle Toad topwater frog bait and Bio-Gill Bluegill swimbait lines, to the Hard Mack Attack saltwater swimbait and Mad Eel baits, there will be a selection of lures to cover a variety of needs.

For more information on FishLab Tackle and to see the complete lineup of baits, please visit

At FishLab we learn by doing. The water is our lab and we love research! We know there’s a reason when a lure works, and that angling is part art and part science. It’s a puzzle where the pieces constantly change, sometimes in our favor… sometimes not. But, by applying decades of experience, bold creativity, a little patience and a lot of time on the water, we can better the odds of finding that successful formula. We know that making effective lures means understanding the target fish and the food they eat… and we do! FishLab lures are realistic, scientifically accurate, meticulously crafted, well made, and designed for one purpose… to catch fish! FISHLAB. SCIENCE OF THE STRIKE.

Contact: Dave Brown

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