By Nestor Alvisa

As we move into fall, October is still warm down here in South Florida. We will start noticing a small temperature drop in the evenings and lower highs in air temperature. Our water temperature will start to cool down a bit as well and

we’ll start seeing more signs of migrating fish working into our waters following the bait migrations. Most of October, I’ll spend my days fishing the shorelines for snook and redfish.

This time of the year, I like to find schools of pilchards or pogys on the coast, and throwing the net a few times, load the well with bait. Once I feel like we have enough, I’ll then run to the first spot. Points, down trees, and oyster bars with moving water are my go-to’s. Once I find something I like the look of, I’ll drop my Minn Kota Raptor to hold me in position, grab a handful of baits from the live well and toss some out to hopefully entice a feeding frenzy.

Given a few minutes, the baits you tossed have either caused some action or not. Toss a live one up towards the shoreline, point, bar or down tree and let the bait swim with the current.

Towards the end of October, I begin to transition my trips to Biscayne Bay. It’s one of my favorite places to fish in the fall. The pilchards will be schooled up on the beaches, shorelines and flats around Miami. Loading up your live wells with bait doesn’t take long. Once loaded I’ll fish patch reefs, finger channels and small wrecks for all kinds of snapper, grouper and jacks with my clients. We’ll typically free line our baits into the feeding frenzy we have created by live chumming our pilchards and the action is non-stop!

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