By Alberto GutierrezPura Pesca Costa Rica

Laguna del Reventazón

This is located between Turrialba and Siquirres, the entrance is by the road that connects these two villages. This lagoon is artificial and at the same time very new, but it is loaded with fish due to everything that already lived in the river reventazón. Everything that lowers it from the dam of the cachi and bonilla lagoons, makes a good structure of trees and rocks.

Here we can fish guapotes morrudos, guapotes tigre, tilapias, crushes and even eels.
The lagoon has several entrances where a 4×4 car is needed. The area can be fished from the shore, by kayak, and by boat. The only defect for my taste is that the changes of water levels are very drastic in a short time. This causes a cycled fish like the guapote, which is very territorial, to be affected in its habitation, reproduction and nesting. This lagoon has very large specimens, which helps preserve this paradise.

If you need more information you can consult the Facebook profile: Guapoteros of Turrialba. They are the experts for the area.