By Alberto GutierrezPura Pesca Costa Rica

The Fishing of Snook in Pacific Rivers

This beautiful fish is found in most rivers that flow into the Pacific Ocean, from mangroves to upstream. They can be found in rivers with a normal sand bottom or in more broken parts upstream that have a lot of stone.

This fish feeds on sardines, shrimps, mullets, crustaceans and other small fish. In our rivers we can find sea bass of minimum size, up to very large snook of 20 kilos and more. Fishing them allows the use of a wide variety of lures. In the rivers near the sea it is recommended that you fish when the tide is rising, and as always in any fishery, it is also good to fish in the cool hours of the day, whether it is morning or afternoon.

It is also good to look for exits of tributaries to the main river, and locate areas with many trunks, structures and places where there is enough shade. Once hooked the fish will jump, so it is very important to maintain the tension in the line so that the fish does not come loose.

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