By Luis Monge Mata

Just 13 miles approximately coming out of Puntarenas we can reach a paradise of slow jigging. This area is characterized because we can find large queen corvinas, and other species such as: grouper, snapper, cabrilla, jack mackerel, mackerel among others.

The corvina queen is a very technical fish to go after. The ideal for this fishing is to find the perfect tide. I recommend looking for small tides from 6 to 7 feet and that the tide stop be high or low. One is always in the morning and the other in the afternoon. These are the coolest hours of the day.

The technique is to work the jig very slowly on the pure rocky bottom. Work it two meters maximum,  and then go back down.

It is indispensable to use a light rod for slow jigging and it is essential that you have a good captain to find the point with the GPS and place the boat in the best way to handle the drift.

The use and reading of the fishfinder is essential for the fisherman to be successful. In this area we already have a world record in the category of all registered tackle of the species (cynoscion albus) 16.26 kg fisherman.

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