By Captain Skeet Warren • “Bushwacker Sportfishing”

The rainy season, now known as the “green season”, will be in full swing by June and July . . . but we don’t get much rain in the Flamingo area, especially offshore fishing. The land heats up 20 to 30 degrees during the day, then it clouds up and we get afternoon showers on land.

We very seldom get wet while out fishing because the water temperature only warms up 3 to 4 degrees during the day. The fact that you can charter a boat and fish all day without getting wet is a big advantage of fishing in northwest Costa Rica during the “green season”. It is still a good idea to bring a rain jacket while fishing, just in case.

As of this writing the sailfish and marlin bite is very good in the Flamingo area. It should stay that way through the summer and into the fall. The wind has stopped blowing and the clean water has pushed north to stay for quite a while. That will make the fishing much more consistent. The sailfish and marlin bite should be very good in June and July.

The mahi-mahi should be around through the summer and the seas should be fairly calm to make for some pleasant fishing. Inshore fishing will improve with the clean water. There should be plenty of roosterfish running around and a few sailfish inshore as well.   Come take advantage of our “green season” without a lot of rain, nor very much wind. In fact it is normally very pleasant fishing with plenty of fish to catch.


Captain Skeet Warren owns and operates the Bushwacker, a 42’ Bertram out of Flamingo, Costa Rica. After graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1980 he captained boats, fishing extensively, including Hawaii, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Madeira and Bermuda. He won the 2013 Top Tagging Captain in the Pacific Ocean for Sailfish. Some other notable catches include 13 blue and black marlin over 1000 lbs., 51 giant bluefin tuna in one day and 53 sailfish in one day.   Contact Skeet at captskeet@bushwackercr.com or visit www.bushwackerCR.com