That Flip Flop Thing

“That Flip Flop Thing” is a new teaser made by Squidnation. It is a squid chain depicting a critter scattering a bunch of bait in the air. Last July I made a comment to Bill Pino, the owner of Squidnation, that I was going to Marlin fish in the Canary Islands and he suggested that I should try this new teaser he named “That Flip Flop Thing.” He said the teaser looks funny and swims funny but it works and raise a lot of fish. So, I asked him to make me a large one, with 12” squids instead of the traditional 9” squids. When I got to the Canary Islands, we tried it on the first day and decided to add a medium 8” chugger lure to the back end of it to make it swim more stable.

The teaser worked great on the five days of fishing and we raised 8 blue marlin, 6 of them behind this teaser. We release 7 out of the 8 fish, one weighing over 600lbs. Since them we sold quite a few of these teasers and had many customers telling us how great this teaser works for all pelagic fish, but specially for blue marlin.

The 9” Flip Flop teaser sells for $89.99 plus $14.00 for the chugger that goes at the end, and the large version goes for $109.99 plus the chugger lure.

Elías Rodriguez

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