Florida Lobster


By Janet Kunde

It’s July and we’re cleaning out the freezer in anticipation of the 2017-18 Lobster season and a refill of “BUGS” as my husband calls them in the proper receptacle. This recipe is EASY and delicious.

• Lobster (whole or just tails, 2 each +/-)

• Butter, unsalted, melted

Boil lobsters for about 1 minute, remove from water, cut in half and place on hot BBQ grill (shell side up) or roasting pan (shell side down) with a rack for broiling in the oven. Spoon or brush melted butter over lobster flesh and cook for coloring. The pre-boiling should have left a core of uncooked meat in the center; this is where we are heading.

We served them with scalloped potatoes, salad, and a mix of earthy vegetables. Bread and wine showed up about the time we sat down for an enjoyable exchange of fishing stories. Enjoy.

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