Flounder Tips & Tactics

Hey there friends, I hope that you are having a great month and also maybe catching or gigging a few flatfish. At the beginning of the month I was having spectacular 30 fish nights and it was happening in about four or five hours. Although the fish were plentiful, they were only highly concentrated in certain areas. Bunched up with three to four fish in the same sand pocket. A few were in the twelve and thirteen inch range but the rest were mainly 2 to 4 pound fish. They were holding very tight on the ledges with a foot drop or more. As the tides steadily started to rise the fish were right up on shore pretty much, but after this last week I believe every word of the saying“ you won’t find the flounder in a full moon“.

I used to say that didn’t apply to me and I guess I just had not experienced what other fisherman had. We gigged three nights straight as the full moon came out and we maybe found four or five fish but did not see hardly any. The good thing was the ones that we did find were very good sized, I would say 18-24 inches and 3-5 pounds. Goodness they were hard to come by those nights, from now on I will just try to check the moon rise and see if I can beat those super beams of light. Getting out before then at least gives you a fair chance for a few hours because when that moon is over head good luck. There is at least one positive thing that results from the full moon and that is the elevated tides. A lot of the flounder we stuck were sitting in between oyster beds in those little sand splotches that were sort of hollowed out. Another thing was that the fish were covered like they had been there for hours because their backs looked exactly like the surrounding ocean floor.

When I have been rod and reel fishing, most of the time I am going to be throwing a tandem rig chicken boy lure in that sick hot pink color. It lights up in every water color. The reason I use a double rig is because it allows you to stay on the bottom while also getting to use two different colors if for some reason your not sure what to use. I will throw a quarter ounce with a single rig but with a dual rig I throw two 1/8 ounce hell razor jig heads. Working the lure a bit slower right now has landed me more fish than being in a race to get my bait in. With a live bait rig just let it roll across the bottom while slowly pulling it in so you can cover as much ground as possible. Still sticking to inlets off of main channels and working the back of the channel when the tide is coming in and work the channel edge while it is rolling out.

Do not forget that I’m working on my you tube channel “Flounder Professor Outdoors” and have one video up with plenty more to come, so subscribe and enjoy. Thank you to all of my sponsors chicken boy lures, hell razor jig heads, fin addict angler, stinky pants fishing, hookspit rods, redtail republic, Kelley wiggler, legend popping corks, nacho daddy spoons, thump kings, ardent reels and Salt Thugz Apparel. Thanks for all of your support, tight lines and sharp gigs.

Brian Joseph Spencer
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