Flounder Tips and Tactics

By Brian Joseph Spencer

I  think that the past two weeks have just been crazy. With winds blowing non-stop and changing directions every day it has made finding a good day to go out searching for flounder almost impossible. The days that actually turn out being nice have been the same times that I have prior engagements but I guess that is just how it works. At least on those few and far between days I still try and make time to go find me a few fish. I am really hoping that the tides will start to get better soon because a lot of my spots are completely exposed and where the flounder should be is dry ground.

I went out earlier this week and found fish, even though I had to go to a few different areas before I found all of the right conditions. The flounder are now up in the flats and around spoils a bit better as of now but will only improve as the temperatures continue to rise and summer comes into full swing. I walked one of my spots where a nice channel, maybe ten feet deep runs in to a sand flat at the end and they were stacked up pretty good. The wind was blowing all of the bait towards the shoreline and that’s another thing I look for when fishing to try and eliminate extra walking. With bait and current comes flounder. As for rod and reel fishing the bite is getting hotter. It has continued to be a steady bite by most jetty formations that I have been around. They are tending to stay on the surf side or at least that is where I have been getting them, with the occasional fish on the channel side if current is in my favor. More of the fish are on the medium side at about seventeen to eighteen inches.

I will always use my chickenboy lures or my thump kings on whatever size jig head that keeps me near the bottom. Colors vary depending on the water clarity but have yet to go wrong with chartreuse and black mamba. So go out there and get yourself some of the tastiest fish in the bay. In upcoming issues I will be sharing some awesome recipes for everyone. Just remember to always be safe while out on the water and don’t forget to tell someone where you are going. Tight lines and sharp gigs until next month, any questions feel free to email me or join Flounder Fanatics on Face Book. Thanks to all of my sponsors: Chickenboy Lures, Salt Thugz Apparel, Fin Addict Angler, Stinkypantsfishing,com, Hookspit Rods, Redtail Republic, Thump Kings, Kelley Wigglers, Fishing Reactant Compound.

Flounder tips, Brian Joseph Spencer

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