Flounder Tips & Tactics

I hope that everybody is having a wonderful month, although it has been pretty windy. The temperatures have been getting over one hundred on the index almost everyday. One of the things that I am learning very well about Flounder lately is that they really are not the easiest fish to get to bite. Even while out gigging, if you do not know what to look for then you will get discouraged pretty quickly. The first thing I would do is get google earth and look at all of the different shorelines to see whether or not they are sand, grass or mud. Now do not forget that these pictures that we get are sometimes taken a year ago and if it is sand, it could have grass growing on it by this point. So if you can make it out to these areas during the day and scout what it will be like it definitely makes finding spots a bit simpler.

I really have been looking for little spoil islands and will make my way around them either by foot or boat. The fish haven’t really made it all the way to shallow area that they were in last year but if you will find a good shoreline and walk it should be productive. I really like to do most of my gigging on an incoming tide. They really like to dart for the shallowest water they can find in order to get that easy meal when the tide switches. I can sit here all day long and try to explain the best way to fish for flounder but I think it will be easier to show you so I started a you tube channel. If you look up Flounder Professor Outdoors it will come up or my name and I am in the middle of finishing a bunch of how to videos for everybody. Just subscribe to my channel and each time a new video comes up it will send it to you.

I went gigging night before last for a couple of hours but only found a few fish which tells me that anywhere I look for flounder needs to be somewhat near a deep escape route. The ones we did find where probably in about a foot of water over hard sand with occasional grass splotches. They had also been there for a while because their backs where covered in sand with the same pattern as the bottom.

Before I finish up this months article I want to tell you that the new chicken boy hot pink color is just slaying the fish. Trout, reds and flounder. Thank you guys for all of your support and without you all I wouldn’t be doing this. Remember for a more hands on approach which is easier for some to learn just check out my you tube for help. Until next time, tight lines and sharp gigs. Do not forget that if you have any questions just email me or join my group Flounder Fanatics on Facebook.

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Brian Joseph Spencer
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