Fly Fishing in July

by David Hulsey

The hot summer sun of July pretty much leaves the low light cooler parts of the day the only time to head to the river in search of trout. Early morning and late evening jaunts to the river are more productive and not as harsh on the fish as fishing in the glaring high sun time periods. The Toccoa tailwater is still producing fish as long as you can steer clear of the tubers and kayakers for short periods of time to get your fly over unspooked fish. Small streams in the higher elevations are still fairly cool, especially with the occasional evening thunderstorms ripping through the hills. Try to land the fish as soon as possible and be gentle as you can when you release them. Terrestrial patterns are the best bet for hot weather flies for trout right now. Carry a thermometer and use it! If the water temperatures are getting close to seventy, don’t fish. Try to find cooler water.

Our warm water ponds, lakes and rivers are also fishing better early and late in the day. Bass and bluegill are still whacking poppers on the surface along with jumping on deep stripped streamers when the sun gets up high in the sky. Quietly fish around any visible cover that may provide a little shade. Carp fishing in the middle of the day when they are most visible is good right now. The mud flats on our mountain lakes is the place to be. Flies looking like a small crawfish or Damselfly Nymphs are your best bet with the golden ghost.

July is also the beginning of “hopper season” in the Western states. Fly anglers in droves are packing their bags and heading to the Rockies for the most exciting fly fishing of the year. Big rainbows and browns crashing hopper patterns on the surface is a heart stopping event that every angler should experience once in their life! Cool temperatures with low humidity is another good reason to run from the Southern states at this time of year. Large foam hopper and beetle patterns are the flies to have if you head west this summer.
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