By Mark Evans

As the rainy season comes to a close we can look forward to even better fishing conditions from the fresh water and the inshore fishing will be on fire!

Not to say we haven’t had a good rainy season but you have to choose your days and learn how to adapt to the conditions. We have done well in the mountains with a good bite from the trout streams the past couple months and if the water gets dirty… just go big!

We have also been chasing guapote aka rainbow bass on the fly and have been finding a few nuggets from time to time. Early mornings sunrise until about 8:00am go with a chartreuse popper and then again from 4pm to sunset. During the heat of the day you have to go deep with a clouser minnow and sink tip if you have it.

The machaca bite has been good as usual and if your timing is right after a nice rain they will feed aggressively! The same chartreuse popper works for the machaca as well as the guapote. If you are in the right river you can get them both in the same day!

If you would like to get more involved with fly fishing in Costa Rica please check out the fly fishing association at:

We have a meeting each month which is a great way to meet others who share the same passion. Or you can contact me at

Keep em’ wet!

Having graduated from cane pole fishing as a kid to more technical equipment these days, Mark Evans prefers floating the many rivers of Costa Rica in his kayak, with a fly rod in hand. Mark is one of the founding members of the Costa Rica Association of Fly Fishers (CRAFF) and two-time national fly fishing champion in the Club Amateur de Pesca of Costa Rica (CAP)