Fly Fishing Report By: Gabe Littlefield

Cold Weather Antics: Making the Most of the Bad Days

Fishing Report:
With nasty weather and wind throughout the month, we as fly anglers can have a tough time successfully targeting our inshore species. The pattern can be difficult to pinpoint, but that doesn’t mean that there are not fish hanging around. Look for redfish, snook and larger trout hanging around heat holding structures. This includes oyster bars, mud flats, troughs and docks. These structures, combined with the negative low tides, will soak up heat on sunny days. Slow retrieves and small flies like Peanuts or mud minnow patterns perform well in these conditions.

The Importance of Gear Maintenance:
On those days that you just can’t fish, take advantage of the time by sprucing up the equipment you use regularly. For me, this consists of reel maintenance, lubing the zipper on my sling pack and organizing my kayak. This may seem like a boring task, but it can save you lots of hassle and time while on the water.

Equipment care also protects your investments. I see a $500 plus fly rod outfit as an investment. If you take care of your set up, it will take care of you. One piece often overlooked is line care. If you spend a healthy amount of time fishing, your line will eventually need a tune up. Loon Outdoors makes an affordable and easy line care system. If you take care of and properly maintain your fly line, it will last longer and help you be more efficient.

As for your fishing vessel, whether that be skiff, kayak, SUP or other, off days are great to organize, add to or adjust your rig. With a super windy day this month, I was able to install a new trolley from YakGear on my kayak, so I can be better prepared for my next trip. For kayak fishing accessories, my go to shop is Pure Florida Watersports in Wesley Chapel. The crew there are fly fishermen and know what you need to be successful.

So, if you can, get out and fish. But, if not, try gear maintenance. It could be the difference between a good day and a great one.