Fly of the Month – Black Caddis Dry

By Jake Darling, Unicoi Outfitters:

Introducing the Black Caddis Dry:

  • Hook: #14-18 dry fly hook
  • Thread: UTC 70, black
  • Body: Black Superfine dubbing                                                      
  • Rib: X-Sm wire, black
  • Hackle: Black (neck cape hackle)
  • Wing: Elk hair, natural

During this month, many tailwater streams will begin to have black caddis buzzing around on warmer days. These hatches often happen during the afternoons, and have great potential to force many fish to the surface to feed aggressively. The black caddis hatch is a very fun hatch to fish due to the larger size of bugs that usually come off. Most days a #14 or 16 will do the trick on many tailwaters, making it much easier to spot your fly on the water. Make sure to have plenty of black caddis in your box this month, because you are definitely going to be seeing them.

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