Fly of the Month – Dancing Damsel

by David Lilly

July is here and some hatches continue, but “Terrestrials” are moving to the top of the menu for trout as well as warm water species. Whether your target species is in still waters or rivers, Damsel flies are present. You can swim it, drift it, or strip it. Tie it in Red, Olive, or Chartreuse, then hang on! Place the hook in the vice, start your thread and tie in the bead chain eyes. Bring the thread back to just above the barb of the hook. Cut a section of Pearl Core Braid and remove the core. Thread your bobbin threader through the center of the braid. Take 5 to 6 ostrich herls and pull the feathers through the braid to complete the tail. Tie in the tail. Dub a small body to just behind the eyes. Tie in the legs. Dub the rest of the head and whip finish in front of the eyes. Apply the CCG to complete the head, then go put a bend in the rod!


Thread: Veevus 100D GSP Olive
Hook: #8 TMC 2457 (or your choice of scud style hook #8 to #14)
Extended Body: Olive Pearl Core Braid, Olive Ostrich Herl
Thorax: Senyo’s Laser Dub Olive
Legs: Barred Sexi-Floss Olive Medium
Eyes: Bead Chain Eyes Black Medium (or mono eyes of your choice)
Head: Clear Cure Goo UV Resin