Fly of the Month: Garner’s Black Betty Stone

In the Southeast, this is a time of year many anglers look forward to. Chilly nights and cool mornings give both anglers and the fish some much-needed relief from those dog days of summer. The seasonal change triggers a shift of the thermocline in the reservoirs that feed our tailwater river systems. Seasonal turnover can cause the water in the river to have a murky appearance that seems to be all but productive for fishing. Don’t let that murky water fool you. Instead, try changing to larger profiled and darker colors in your fly patterns. I started tying up this black stonefly pattern up a few years ago with my buddy and fellow guide Davie Crawford of Deep South Fly Anglers ( specifically for those days on the river. We both have found that this fly is a top producer of quality fish especially throughout the colder weather months on our fisheries. Twist up some of these flies next time you’re at the tying bench. A good hint is to try tying these up with varying weight to cover different depths and current speeds efficiently. For more info or to book a trip with us, be sure to call the shop and check out our Facebook and website.


Hook: Daiichi 1870 size 12
Bead: Copper 5/32” Tungsten
Thread: UTC 70 Black
Tail: Brown goose biots
Body: Black angora dubbing, Medium Copper Wire
Underbody: .025 Lead Wire
Back: Brown Swiss Straw +coating of Clear Cure Goo Thin
Legs: Black/Brown Barred Spanflex

Garner Reid
Head Guide at Cohutta Fishing Company

Garner Reid is head guide at Cohutta Fishing Company in Cartersville, Ga.