Fly of the Month – Tungsten BH Girdle Bug

By Jackson Dockery:

A large stonefly nymph is one of my go-to patterns throughout the year, but particularly in the early spring. You’ll very often find this fly at the bottom end of my nymph rig, dredging deep pools and runs. The tungsten bead and wire helps the fly get to the bottom quickly, and stay there, putting it right in the trout’s feeding area. There is something about a large stonefly, with legs undulating, that larger fish looking for an easy meal just can’t resist.

  • Hook: extra long nymph or streamer hook, size 8-14
  • Bead: 3.5-4mm tungsten bead
  • Thread: 70 or 140 denier ultra-thread olive, black, brown
  • Weight: .010 to .015 (depending on hook size) lead-free wire
  • Body: medium-size variegated chenille (black and olive shown)
  • Legs / Antenna / Tail: Olive Span-flex or Flexi Floss

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