Fly of the Month: Warners Strawberry Shortcake


Winter time fly fishing can be an amazing time to be on the water, especially in the southeast. As many anglers know, some of our best trout and reservoir striper fishing occurs in the dead of winter. As good as the fishing can be, I still find myself daydreaming about shorts, sandals, an 8 weight and a warm breeze against my back. This is the time of year when I start preparing my warm water boxes for the upcoming guide season. I began tying this fly for a quick and easy tie for the river run striped bass I target in my local rivers. It gives off a great baitfish profile in the water and adds a perfect amount of flash for slightly stained water conditions. The convenience of tying this fly coupled with its size and weight allow many anglers to cast it well for long periods of time, creating a winning situation for all. As with many weighted baitfish flies, the Strawberry Shortcake has proven to sore lip quite a few redfish and speckled trout out on those salty flats and tidal creeks I love to stalk every chance I get. Try one out and see what you think!

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Stinger size 2
Thread: White 120 denier
Eyes: Lead Medium Dumbbell Eyes
Tail: Red/White Tip Dyed Buck Tail/White Saddle Hackle Flash: White Krystal Flash
Body: Pearl Medium Palmer Chenille/White Schlappen

Garner Reid – Head Guide at Cohutta Fishing Company | (770)-606-1100

Garner Reid is head guide at Cohutta Fishing Company in Cartersville, Ga.