Fly Of The Month


Fly Of The Month
Conner’s Jerk Minnow

I love fishing jerkbaits. Nothing recreates that side-to-side wounded minnow action that predator fish
love quite like a jerkbait. Side-to-side is an action that is not always easy to reproduce on a fly rod, however, and the need for such a fly led me to create the Jerk Minnow.

There are two key characteristics that all my favorite jerkbaits have in common and that are key in my
Jerk Minnow fly. No. 1 is that jerkbaits suspend in the water column and No. 2 is the rattle.

Short strips make the fly to dart side to side underwater, and pausing between strips allows the fly to
“hang” in the water column, which drives predatory fish insane. Tie some Jerk Minnows to add to your arsenal, and put some in front of your favorite predator fish; you won’t regret it!

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S size 2
Thread: 6/0 Uni thread Chartreuse
Rattle: 4mm glass rattle tied to the hook shank
Body: White Extra Select Craft Fur
Head: Lazer Dub Olive over White
Eyes: Clear Cure Eyes 10mm Chameleon
Epoxy: Clear Cure Goo or other UV cure resin to coat the head.

Fly of the month from Conner Jones, Cohutta Fishing Company,

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