Food Chain Fishing Challenge – Flying Fish to Blue Marlin

In this episode, I started fishing for squid and flying fish in 3000ft of water and then eventually used them as bait to catch a giant blue marlin in the Food Chain Fishing Challenge in Costa Rica! I started this challenge by dropping squid jigs in the deep blue sea. After catching two squids, I noticed baby flying fish swimming around in our lights. I grabbed the net and started scooping the flying fish in the boat lights. After netting at least a dozen flying fish, we went to bed and waited for morning. The first step of the Food Chain Challenge was complete! The next step was to catch a tuna fish (bonito) using the flying fish as bait. I hooked a baby flying fish and trolled it behind the boat. The tuna were jumping everywhere, feeding on baitfish. Within seconds, I hooked a yellowfin tuna! Unfortunately, this yellowfin tuna was too large to use as a bait for the blue marlin. After catching several yellowfin tuna, I finally caught a bonito (albacore) on the flying fish, the next step in the food chain! The second step of the Food Chain Challenge was complete! The next step was to catch a monster blue marlin using the bonito as bait. We deployed the teasers and skipped the bonito across the surface. All of a sudden, a blue marlin emerged from the depths and ate the bonito! This giant fish immediately started peeling line off the reel and proceeded to jump across the ocean’s surface. After an intense fight, we landed the blue marlin. I jumped in the water to get a quick photo before releasing the fish. The Food Chain Challenge was complete!

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