For the Love of Fishing

By Captain Jason Seman
The Marylander, Denton MD

Love is in the air and the fear of cabin fever is at its peak in Maryland this February for most Outdoorsman. Locally, our Waterfowl Season has ended and we are thankful for the opportunities granted during this mild winter. To overcome and offset our withdrawals from the great outdoors, we venture into our local creeks and streams.

It is during this time period that the staging and spawning of Maryland’s Yellow and White Perch is in full effect. It is a great activity for all ages and is a great way for anglers with or without a vessel to get in on the action. It is personally an inexpensive activity that I have enjoyed since childhood and now serves as a break from regular annual maintenance & upgrades on The Marylander.

In previous years and what I have found most enjoyable is the journey. These fish spawn in stages and temperature is a key element when targeting these fish. If your timing is right, you may be able to target each species of these fish in several locations throughout the state during different weeks this month. This activity is a great way to day trip, see different parts of the state, practice fishing with ultra-light tackle, and visit different tackle shops around the region. These local businesses are the epicenter of that regions fishery and are a fountain of knowledge when gearing up for your day’s adventure.

I personally am more eager than your average angler and enjoy a day of hiking natural trails and public streams to target the holes and pockets these fish spawn in. It is your choice to catch or release as an Outdoorsman, but be mindful that they are reproducing for your future harvest and you are handling them during a stage of production.

We are also in a state of preparation during this month for the opening of our Striped Bass Season and will be attending The Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA on February 8th. Please check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and at for the latest details on our adventures this year. We are eager to start another great year on the Chesapeake Bay and are looking forward to creating another year of memorable experiences for the Love of Fishing.