Keep ‘Em Wet

  Proper Release Techniques for Billfish By Anthony DiGiulian The South Florida sailfish season is here and thousands of sailfish … Jan 1st, 2018

Holiday Gift Ideas

SportFish Reel Covers SportFish Reel Covers has developed impact resistant reel covers made from 5.5mm neoprene to help protect your … Dec 1st, 2017

The Okinawa Tug: Before & After Irma

I took the top photo of the Okinawa Tug and Dive Bar on Aug 18th, the night before she was … Dec 1st, 2017

2018 King of the Glades – Season 12

JANUARY 7 Round 1 – Clewiston RMMC FEBRUARY 4 Round 2 – Holiday Park **If flats are off limits, Round … Nov 1st, 2017

Fishing with Kids: Hook Them Early!

  In South Florida, we are lucky to have access to many fishing options. From the urban canal and lake … Nov 1st, 2017

Reel Therapy

  After a week and a half of dealing with the hype, approach and aftermath of Hurricane Irma, all I … Oct 1st, 2017

No Boat? No Problem! Charter Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Here in Fort Lauderdale, we are fortunate to have quick and easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and some of … Sep 1st, 2017
Shawn McCarty beat up on this bonito after it ate his live sardine.

Muy Bonito! Trash…or Treasure?

Anyone who fishes offshore in South Florida knows the feeling. You get a bite and the reel starts screaming as … Aug 1st, 2017

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