Winter is at our Doorstep

By: Joe Sheaffer It is time to prepare ourselves, our equipment and our mindset. There are definite changes that are … Nov 30th, 2021

Ready For a Charter?

By: Capt. Bart Marx Hello fellow Anglers! I have learned this year fish aren’t affected by Covid any strain. What … Nov 30th, 2021

Change is in the air

By: Capt. Mike Manis We’re approaching a winter pattern around the harbor as sporadic northern fronts combine with seasonally low … Oct 31st, 2021

2021Christmas is coming soon, can you believe it?

Capt. Bart Marx Hello fellow anglers, In S.W. Florida we call October, Red October! This is the time of year … Aug 31st, 2021

Florida Transitions Out of Summer

Capt. Mike Manis This is one of my favorite months but is still a month or so away from the … Aug 31st, 2021

Shift Your Style

Capt. Dave Stephens Here we are in August. We have already had a close call with a named storm and … Jul 31st, 2021


Capt. Terry Fisher FISHING SW FLORIDA AND FLORIDA KEYS Summer months are my favorite months to go fishing as fishing … Jul 31st, 2021

Summer Snapper

Capt. Bart Marx Hello fellow anglers, things in Florida are open for business and it is good. Spending some time … Jul 31st, 2021


Dan Carns Like most guides I’ve spent a lifetime fishing and over the course of my life I’ve developed a … Jun 30th, 2021