Work It!

Capt. Dave Stephens Well I guess it was bound to happen. It was going to get colder at some point. … Feb 2nd, 2020

More of the Same

Capt. Mike Manis Even though it’s most likely we’ll see a couple cold fronts in March, we’re moving into what … Feb 1st, 2020

Expert Tips!

Capt. Bart Marx Hello fellow anglers. I remember talking about year 2000 and now its 2020 already! The fishing is … Feb 1st, 2020


Capt. Terry Fisher FISH THE TIDES: I get asked many times as to ‘which tides are better to fish’? Many … Feb 1st, 2020

Endless Action

Capt. Billy Norris Fishing this past month has been stellar!  The unusually warm winter has made for some excellent fishing, … Feb 1st, 2020

Winter Patterns

Capt. Dave Stephens Happy New Year!! Wishing everyone a great 2020. It looks like Mother Nature has finally pushed her … Jan 6th, 2020

Winter’s Midlife

Capt. Mike Manis As we enter the height or what could be considered this winter’s midlife, the conditions or elements … Jan 6th, 2020

New Habits

Capt. Bart Marx Hello fellow anglers, can you believe it is 2020? A New Year and let’s make some changes, … Jan 6th, 2020


Capt. Terry Fisher Every month of every year will present different challenges to all anglers. This year should be no … Jan 6th, 2020


By: Capt Roan zumFelde Wow, is it just me or did 2019 just fly by in a flash?  2020 is … Jan 6th, 2020