Fort Pierce Deep Sea: Oct. 2018

Mandy and Amanda sporting some sweet treats! With a nice 6-pound mangrove snapper and a king to boot. Photo credit: Lady Chris Charters.

October proves the presence of large ocean ground swells. but don’t let that get you down because with these big swells, we’ll have opportunities to catch big fish. The pelagic species will be active as temperatures change and snapper varieties will be caught throughout October.

As days are getting shorter and weather systems are brewing, there is light at the end of the tunnel and boy is it bright! As the weather conditions ebb and flow, grouper of impressive stature will show up and majestic mullet will layer the beaches and offshore regions.

Our favorite local snapper and grouper species are still biting. The adolescent mutton snappers have grown shoulders through the fall making for strong catches. The push of cooler weather the will be accompanied by the stunning dolphin displays and dinners all along the Treasure Coast.

Several other species are enjoying the change in weather as well, including cobia, kingfish and amberjack. King mackerels have been ferocious the last few weeks and their relentless bite will put some smoked fish smack on the table.

Get jiggy with it! Make sure you have a pitch rod and a jig rigged up within arm’s reach as the occasional cobia is sure to swim by. Take a cruise along the shallows and look for bottom structures and for bait balls. We recommend checking out the weather buoys and markers for cobias and triple tails. Work your jig near the bait, then call home and have them pick up some lemon and butter for your cobia dinner.

October is just another great month on the Treasure Coast for anglers who seek and hunt some phenomenal catches. With the hurricane season looming, keep a close eye on weather reports and small craft advisories. The days you can’t get out are great for reel and gear maintenance. We will certainly see you out there snagging some fall time favorites.

Tight lines and good vibes.

FORECAST BY: Captains Cole and Zack Hazellief  
Lady Chris Charters  
(772) 971-7179