Foundation Outdoor Group Blood Drive Saves 69 Lives

Oviedo, FL, October 23, 2023 – Foundation Outdoor Group is proud to share the success of their recent blood donation drive in partnership with One Blood and the Big Red Bus. The campaign proved to be a significant example of community support, resulting in 23 life-saving blood donations that will impact the lives of 69 individuals.

In collaboration with One Blood, the renowned nonprofit organization dedicated to safe blood banking, Foundation Outdoor Group orchestrated the drive as another avenue to give back to the community. The event took place on October 18th, 2023, and was met with significant support from employees, volunteers, and the local community.

“Realizing that there is a significant blood shortage across central Florida, we reached out to One Blood to offer our support. It’s just one small way that we can give back to our community,” said Brook Oliva, President and COO at Foundation Outdoor Group. “I am extremely proud of the dedication and commitment shown byMegan Dambro, who spearheaded Foundation’s One Blood relationship, our team, partners, and the local community to make this blood donation drive a success. We look forward to making this a regular commitment from Foundation Outdoor Group.”

The contributions from Foundation Outdoor Group, along with the generosity of other donors, translated into a total of 23 blood donations. With each donation providing the opportunity to save three lives, the Foundation Team was able to impact the lives of 69 individuals in need of blood transfusions. Partnering with One Blood and utilizing the iconic Big Red Bus for the drive, facilitated a convenient and accessible way for individuals to participate. The donations made during last Wednesday’s drive will benefit local hospitals and patients in need of life-saving blood.

For more information about how to support the replenishment of blood resources with One Blood, go to


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