Freshwater Fishing Gifts for the Holidays

Last year we talked about a fishing book as a possibility or two for a fishing friend for Christmas or Hanukah. Those ideas are still great, but there are other things that you can also consider, whether the gift is for a fishing buddy, a friend or a family member. Books are still good options, either of the practical type to learn more about fishing or of the coffee table variety as a reminder of past fishing trips or a possible look at future adventures.

But there are also other options. In any case, it helps to enlist help of the giftees fishing buddy to select a good gift. For example, your gift recipient might have admired something that his or her fishing buddy used that was helpful in their freshwater fishing. This fishing buddy might have noticed that your potential gift recipient constantly borrowed his line and knot clipper, bait knife, a certain lure, fishing pliers, landing net, or admired a fishing cap, sunglasses, filet knife, fingerless fishing gloves, tackle box, fishing vest, walkie talkie, thermal lunch protector, etc.

These items include a range of price choices from a few bucks for a fishing knot and line clipper to a fishing vest that might creep towards $100. Realize also that the higher you go in price, the more you are going to want a gift certificate and a clear understanding from the store of its return policy after the holidays.

If into boat fishing for his or her freshwater fishing, you might also consider some small boat accessories. Consider rod holders, rod trolling brackets, drag anchors for river drift fishing, cup holders for drinks, etc. Most of these are in the inexpensive range and suitable as a practical gift.

It also helps to take a leisurely visit to your local tackle shop for ideas. Tell the owner or clerk of your interest and inform them of the type of fishing enjoyed by the potential recipient. Ask for suggestions, again checking for return and gift certificate options. In some cases, you might just be better off going for a gift card redeemable at a favorite tackle shop or catalog house. This also becomes a better choice the higher you go in price and get into personally selectable things such as fishing vests and boots.

Boots are good items to consider for a gift certificate since more and more states now are getting rock snot in their trout streams and smallmouth rivers. As a result of this, they are starting to ban the use of felt soled shoes that when wet can carry the rock snot from one infected stream to another not yet infected.

Rock snot is an invasive diatom—didymosphenia geminate— that is not dangerous to humans or human health, but can ruin trout streams by covering the bottom and killing insects while also preventing trout from getting to this food source.

Even if your state has not banned felt soles on boots, it might be coming. Any new boots or waders should be of the sticky rubber sole type. With a gift card that will allow purchase of new boots, you and your gift recipient are not only making for a happy holiday, but also doing a good deed for the environment.


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