Freshwater Report By; Ron Schelfo

Spec fishing is on! If you enjoy fishing for specs, this is the time of year to get out there and do it! We are getting reports of a record number of pound to pound and a half specs being caught. Our best reporting lakes at this time are Lakes Haines, Rochelle and Alfred here in Lake Alfred.

The best baits are still live minnows, but using ice jigs may also bring you good results. If you’d like to mix it up, another recommendation is to try using a silver spoon. Find which method works best for you.

Prime season for specs should run now through the end of March. Remember, as the weather gets colder, specs are getting closer to the shoreline so try fishing from some of the docks and fishing piers available at many of our area lakes. If you prefer boat fishing, try fishing the canals. The water gets colder in the canals first and provides favorable conditions for both spec and bass fishing. Stop in and see me for directions and current information anytime!

Bass are in their pre-spawning season and are looking for food. Now is the time to snag those big ones! All of our area lakes are offering great bass fishing at this time, if you want to catch a big one; our all-time recommended best bait is still the Booyah Lipless Crank Bait in royal color. Using a very large worm or crawfish imitation will also do the trick, the bigger the bait, the better your results here.

We don’t have tournament photos to share this month, but we always like to support our young anglers in the making. The photos are of Johnny Withem (age 6) and dad, Anthony.  According to dad, Johnny takes his fishing very seriously and is extremely proud of his first bass which weighed in at four pounds, caught on Lake Howard in October and a nice Catfish that weighed in at six pounds and was caught on Lake Surveyor in November. Good job Johnny, keep it up!

Our 19th season of Ron’s Tackle Box Weekly Bass Tournaments is now finished and will not begin again until April 2018. We want to thank everyone for another great season; we appreciate all of our faithful anglers and friends, many of which have participated for all of those 19 years. See everyone next season!