Garrard’s Team Tournament Series E-3

Garrard’s Team Tournament Series E-3 | June 11, 2016

Venue: Lake Okeechobee

The third event of the season produces a nice showing of anglers. Lake conditions were challenging at times but 24 teams caught their 5-fish limit. As would be the trend of the day, there were good numbers of fish being caught but the big fish were to be elusive today. Average size was in the 2-3 lbs class. Those teams that were able to land that one kicker generally placed well. As has been the trend on the lake lately, most anglers were pitch’n and flipp’n the mats and in the grasses. First Place was taken by Steve Teattes and Dick Myers who produced a 20.85 lbs bag and the Big Bass of the tournament which weighed in at 8.62 lbs. Second Place went to the team of Jessie Mizell and Wyatt Adams with a 19.83 lbs while third place went to Gary Milicivic and Travis Drapal with a weight of 19.83 lbs. The next tournament in this series will be on July 9th at C. Scott Driver Park.

Next Tournament will be July 9th at C. Scott Driver Park

  • 1st Place: Steve Teattes & Dick Myers, 5-fish, 20.85 lbs
  • 2nd Place: Jessie Mizell & Wyatt Adams, 5-fish, 19.83 lbs
  • 3rd Place: Gary Milicivic & Travis Drapal, 5-fish, 19.11 lbs
  • Big Fish: Steve Teattes & Dick Myers, 8.62 lbs