Garrard’s Team Tournament


Garrard’s Team Tournament | July 9, 2016

Venue: Lake Okeechobee

Over 30 boats participated in the 4th tournament of the season. Weather conditions were hot and so was the bite with thirty-one teams bringing in their limit of 5-fish with nine teams having over 20 lbs. The team of Roger Crafton and John Ochs took 1st place honors with a 5-fish raw weight of 30.95 lbs. After factoring in a 0.50 lb dead fish penalty their winning weight was 30.45 lbs. Second place went to the team of Durrand Locke and James McMillian with a 5-fish weight of 24.93 lbs. Capturing third place was the team of Randy Fulford and Justin Morgan with a 5-fish weight of 23.80 lbs. Big Fish honors went to the team of Chuck and Mike Stamm with a nice 7.90 lb bass. In total 155 bass were boated for a total weight of 516.12 lbs.
With one more tournament to be held before the year ending classic, the team of Randy Fulford and Justin Morgan lead the field with a total of 383 points with the nearest competitor being the team of Justin Schweir and Juan Ruiz who have 362 points.

Next Tournament will be August 13th at C. Scott Driver Park.

  • 1st Place: Roger Crafton & John Ochs, 5-fish, 30.45 lbs
  • 2nd Place: Durrand Locke & James McMillian, 5-fish, 24.93 lbs
  • 3rd Place: Randy Fulford & Justin Morgan, 5-fish, 23.80 lbs
  • Big Bass: Chuck and Mike Stamm, 7.90 lbs