Get Hooked on Fishing with Your Dog

Get Hooked on Fishing with Your DogFishing is a great activity to share with the family, but what about bringing the family dog along too? You might end up with a wet, smelly tired out dog at the end of your trip, but they will simply love the experience, not to mention the opportunity to spend some quality time with you. For the best experience when fishing with your dog, make sure you take some simple precautions to ensure you all have a great (and a safe) time.

Dangers of hooks

There’s no doubt that having your dog with you will make the whole experience much more fun. But remember, dogs are curious animals and will naturally gravitate towards any interesting items they might happen to see sticking out of your tackle box. But remember, hooks are a huge danger to dogs. It is therefore extremely important to avoid hooks getting stuck in your dog’s mouth by keeping all your fishing equipment and safely inside a secure tackle box.

Importance of immediate medical attention

If your dog does get a fish hook caught in their lip and you can’t get immediate help then while restraining the dog, use pliers to push the hook back through the lip. If you can see the barb on the hook, try to cut it off or squash it with the pliers. As soon as you get back to town make sure you get your dog some immediate medical attention.

Dangers of dehydration

Fishing equipment is far from the only danger to your beloved dog. It is very important that you always remember to provide a bowl of water for your dog. This should keep topped up with fresh water throughout the day. A long day of fishing in warm weather could quickly see your dog getting dehydrated. And if it does get really hot then get them to sit in the shade for as long as possible.

Raw fish is harmful to dogs

Before you head out on your trip, make sure you check to see what fish are likely to be in the area. Some fish, such as rainbow trout and salmon, can be particularly harmful to dogs. Don’t allow them to eat any raw fish either. Raw fish can contain a dangerous condition called salmon poisoning disease which can be extremely harmful to dogs.

Risks of backing up your boat

Always make sure you know exactly where your dog is when you are moving and back up your boat. A trained, experienced fishing dog will know that they should stay out of the way. Less experienced dogs will more than likely jump in the way. If this could be a risk, then keep your dog safely in the cabin with you.

There is no need to leave your dog at home when you next head out on a fishing trip. You will all really enjoy the experience and it will be well worth that little bit of extra preparation beforehand.

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