By Captain German Bustos

This is everyone in the Zona Sur’s favorite time of year. Guys are getting their gear ready, going through their boats and thinking about being on the water. The weather is starting to change, the ocean getting cleaner and flatter and all of it coming to life. El nino left us a couple of months back so if I was to look into the crystal ball for November and December I would see lots of blue, green, and yellow.

Blue marlin will be a common occurrence, both out at the seamounts, Fads, as well as near coastal waters. With tuna seiners long gone in the first 45 miles from the coast, marlin have made a great comeback. Conditions are also great for dorado, mahi mahi, or dolphinfish, whichever you prefer to call it. I call it grilled, blackened, or fried . . . all good. Later in December the bigger groups of sailfish will be moving in.

Inshore the roosterfish and snapper fishing should improve as the water clears. Different types of jacks will be in the mix and light jigs will get them excited if the current is not to strong. Deeper water or a stronger current will require a little more weight. Popper fishing is getting even more popular and the topwater strike is really exciting, especially with a big cubera snapper. It is not as easy as it seems as the poppers need to be ripped across the surface fast as you can. It is a lot of work fishing this way. But very rewarding work!


German Bustos has been head captain at Crocodile Bay Resort for the last dozen years after working on prestigious sportfishing boats all throughout Central America for nearly 20 years. He is one of the most requested captains at Crocodile Bay.