By Captain German Bustos

I am sure a lot of reports from different areas will sound the same. But around Golfito, there is a good bite of dorado this year. They have been sorely missed the last couple of years but here in the southern zone, as I guess in the rest of the country, there have been lots of them. Tuna to 100 lbs. have been caught regularly, with the protection for tuna against purse sein boats within the first 45 miles working well. A group of sails showed at the end of the year and should be coming up in the teasers in double digits through March.

Those running to the FAD’s have been crunching the marlin. Several boats out of Golfito and Jimenez are now doing two-day trips to the FAD’s.

Inside roosterfish and snapper have been cooperative. In Late February and March Pacific red snapper and grouper will move into around 200 foot of water. Amberjack, horse-eye jack and African pompano will also be active over the reefs.

Most anglers will be using a variety of live baits available in the area, like herring, goggle-eye, blue runners and moonfish. Those willing to put in the effort can have fun with popping lures.

German Bustos has been head captain at Crocodile Bay Resort for the last dozen years after working on prestigious sportfishing boats all throughout Central America for nearly 20 years. He is one of the most requested captains at Crocodile Bay.