Grand Traverse Bay Fishing Report: April 2015

Grand Traverse

A pril is a great time to fish lake trout, burbot, ciscos, and whitefish. The most consistent depths for most of these deep-water fish are between 110 and 140 feet of water. Try and locate areas where the lake contours that extend inward toward the shoreline or outward into the lake. Look for hidden points on the lake bottom or deep valleys, sunken islands anything that stands out from the norm. I can’t emphasize the importance of lake charts in locating these areas they are almost impossible to find without basic chart information these charts are accessible even on smartphones for a modest price although basic charts will work. Local lures including Elk Rapids S jigs, Jonah Jigs ,and Sandkikkers are all good choices and will work for multiple species of fish. Ciscos will run high in the water column often 20 to even 30 feet off the bottom so keep an eye on your electronics. I had a chance to fish with Lance Keene of Steelhead Hunter Guide Service and Nathan Hogan this past weekend and got it done with multiple species on both bays.

The late season panfish scene is also in full effect. Look for gill and crappie fishing to pick up as temperatures head in the warmer direction. Try fishing in 10 to 20 feet of water but don’t be afraid to move in fairly shallow. Perch can crowd the shallow basins this time of year. Gig and Little Glenn, Crystal, Portage, Skegmog, Charlevoix can be on fire late in the year. Steelhead and browns can be taken on Betsie Bay and along many of the creeks that feed Lake Michigan in very shallow water often in 3 to 12 feet of water using bags especially as spring draws near. Enjoy the late season fishing and always stay on top!