Grand Traverse Bay Fishing Report: June 2015

W hat an amazing start to the fishing season here in Northern Michigan. The bite on all fronts has been extremely good. We are looking ahead to June, and if the start to this season is any indication of what’s to come, you should be ready to grab a rod and reel and have a little fun!What an amazing start to the fishing season here in Northern Michigan.

The water temperatures have warmed a lot faster than last year. Bass have been on beds since the middle of May and will be done spawning for the most part by mid-June. There will be a number of ways to target both smallmouth and largemouth in the month of June. The topwater bite will be coming on strong. Poppers and prop baits are great baits to use starting off. The spinner bait bite should be in full swing also. As bass move to their summer patterns later in June, drop shotting will become a very productive technique.

The walleye will start to move into the weed cover, or be suspended over deeper water. The marble eye can be a little finicky as the summertime heat warms the water. As the slip bobber bite fades, you can try trolling for walleye. Trolling stick baits on a lead core is a good bet for the suspended fish. If they are tight to the bottom, bottom bouncers, or lindy rigs with a leech or crawler will be your best bet to put some of these fish in the boat.

The trout bite has started off with a bang. Trout can be found in 60’-90’ of water. Spoons and cowbells with peanuts, or a spin-n-glow combination will work. The salmon bite will vary with temperature and baitfish movement. Spoons seem to work best for the early season salmon bite. The offshore steelhead fishery may have a new life this year. Covering water along the offshore temperature breaks until you find fish is the key to success. Trolling spoons and body baits off planer boards will be you best bet for putting fish in the boat.

Before you head out on the lake, make sure you have all of your safety equipment up-to-date and in working order. Be sure to check with your local bait shop for the most current and up to date report. If you are looking for the fishing report in Frankfort, check with Big Bobs. For the Traverse City report contact MC Sports or Gander Mountain. As always stay safe and good luck out there!