The Great Debate: “Tree Stands vs. Ground Blinds” what’s better? By Misty Wells

Let’s break down the pros and cons of both types and you can decide what works best for you.  Tree stands create a more demanding hunt, give you a better vantage point and put you right into the heart of the woods. You are more mobile, you get better shot presentations and you can see and hear far more, you become “one with the woods”.

A ground blind may have you withdrawing your gun barrel or arrow from only one porthole or window forcing you to move to another window to get a shot.  When firing your bow or rifle the elevation of a tree stand provides you a better field of vision over shrubbery, ditches and trees and has no blind spots.

That being said, in a tree stand you must still overcome some obstacles, first and foremost any fear you have of heights and climbing. It can be hard to find that perfect spot, you must sit very still and be extremely quiet and for some that’s very difficult.  Additionally you also have to be very aware to minimize your scent and you are exposed to the elements, rain, snow, heat and cold. If Hunters don’t pay attention and always wear a safety harness you can be badly hurt or killed.

Ground blinds are safer, they are easier to move when you want to check out a new spot or move spots during the day and most are simple to pack up. Ground blinds provide more inside mobility, if you are hunting with new hunters, kids or a partner you have more cover to move around inside and hunt together. They do provide some degree of scent protection, but always practice scent control regardless. In a comfy ground blind we tend to pick up some bad habits: texting, eating, playing on our phones and napping. Your field of vision is limited, it seems that we tend to clunk on the sides, have squeaky chairs and we are always catching our gear on something.

Here is some good news; I have found a ground blind that eliminates some of those issues, Rugged Cross Custom Blinds.  They have Real Tree camo that allows you to see out but the prey can’t see in, you have 360 degree views all around.  They are portable, breakdown in 10 minutes and have 100 percent silent shooting windows. The material is breathable and cuts the wind; it also has a two inch overhang to keep you dry. One of the best features is it has is interchangeable camo patterns to change for season and prey; that’s cool.

Chris and Tim Seaton, brothers and first responders, came up with this cutting edge new product made in the USA and Tampa Bay. They have custom made blinds for some big names in country music as well as athletes, and I am going to try it this hunting season.

No matter what type of stand or blind you decide on be safe, shoot straight and enjoy your hunting season. You can find the blinds at Arrowhead Archery, G-5 Outdoors and online at

Misty Wells Host of “Let’s Take It Outside” Pursuit Channel TV show & National Radio show, Outdoor Pro –Writer & Adventure Guide for Fishing & Hunting trips. Founder of “A Reel Future” a non-profit organization devoted to sharing knowledge & passion of fishing and the great outdoors to foster kids Statewide.

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